Well it’s official…I get to marry the love of my life. This was truly unexpected. We had been talking about it, but it was always “soon”. It had been “soon” for quite some time that I wasn’t think that it would happen soon. Here’s what happened…

Since it had been a while since we had taken a vacation, we decided to use my cousin’s wedding as an excuse to get away. We attended my cousin’s wedding in Santa Barbara and continued up the coast to San Francisco. The trip was amazing…even before the proposal. On our last day in San Francisco we woke up to a very gloomy, rainy day and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and cuddle for a bit. But E woke up and forced me to get ready. We started out the say at the magical Japanese Tea Garden…if you are ever in the San Francisco area you need to go!! Next we headed for the Sutro Baths. These ruins have the prettiest scenery even on such a gloomy day. We spent some time exploring the area and climbing around the ruins. Stopping to take a million pictures, most of which I lost when my phone crashed…thanks iPhone update!

So there I am soaking up all of the feels while looking at this stunning view and tell E that this view is perfect. And he says “So is this view” so I turn and there he is on his knee with this beautiful ring. I was absolutely stunned…to say the least. It only took a second for me to find my words to say YES!!! But for him, it must have seemed like an eternity. It was the perfect moment and the perfect proposal. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. What a perfect ending to a wonderful vacation!!

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