Favorite keto snacks…

Since starting this keto lifestyle at the beginning of January I have been snack foods to be the most difficult items to replace. I am by no means a huge snacker but I do love popcorn, kettle cooked chips and chocolate. Much to my dismay, none of those are approved keto snacks so I have had to reimagine my snacking choices. Here is what I have found works for me.

Buffalo style celery! These are quick and easy and give me the spicy crunch that I would get from eating spicy popcorn or spicy kettle chips. To make these: I cut a few stalks of celery in pieces, smear with either cream cheese or goat cheese (depending on what I have on hand) and cover with a bit of buffalo hot sauce. I find that these are my go to when I am craving something spicy.

While there is no replacement for the cocoa dusted chocolate truffles from Aldi, I have discovered the chocolate bars from Kiss My Keto. My favorite bars are the chocolate pumpkin seeds and sea salt* option. These tick all my boxes, slightly sweet, crunchy, and salty. They are the ultimate keto chocolate bar, IMO. I usually only eat a square or two to crush my sugar craving and it does the trick. Which is good because these bars are pretty pricey at $24.95 for 4 bars.

While nothing beats indulging in a bowl of popcorn, chips, or chocolate…these snacks help keep me on track.

*products purchased by me 🙂

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