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As I sit here staring at my handsome little beagle, I can’t help to think of all of those animals that are being tested on to make the personal care products that are used by millions daily. In case you didn’t know…beagles are one of the most commonly used animals in animal testing. Why you ask? Because they are a perfect size, not too big-not too small, and they trust humans implicitly. How awful is that. Taking advantage of the loyalty and love of an animal in order to test chemicals on them. It just makes me so sad to know that animals aren’t being treated well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect…I currently use products that are known to test on animals. I am trying to eliminate all of those companies from the products I use, but it is a quite the process. It is amazingly awful how many brands are not cruelty-free. Take band-aids for instance. Why on earth do you need to test band-aids on animals?! I have decided to make a conscious effort to determine if products are cruelty-free before I buy them or to find other retailers that focus on cruelty-free products. If you are interested on starting the journey to cruelty-free there are a few great blogs that have lists of cruelty-free brands. My two favorite cruelty-free blogs are: Phyrra and My Beauty Bunny. They both have extensive lists of cruelty-free brands and give their honest opinions about the products that they try out.

There are so many brands that are cruelty-free, both high-end and drugstore, that it is silly to not make an honest effort to be cruelty-free. Thumbs up to Cover Girl for making the switch to cruelty-free. Here are some of my favorite brands:
– The Honest Company
– Kat Von D
– Wet and Wild
– NYX (but they are owned by a company that is not)
– Tarte
– Urban Decay (owned by a company that is not)
– Colourpop
– Cover Girl (owned by a company that his not)
– Eco-Guard makes cruelty-free bandages, but I haven’t tried them yet.

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