Feeling the loss…


Lola. What can I say. It has been a little over two years since we have lost our precious angel. Though it does get easier, it is never easy. I feel the loss of her every day. I have had many family pets throughout my 35 years, but Lola was mine and only mine. She got me through some tough times and helped celebrate some great times. She was my fur baby, my best friend, my pillow, and one of the sweetest dogs.


Life for her wasn’t always easy. At 6 years old she developed an autoimmune disorder that almost killed her. Due, most likely, to the vaccines that she was getting her body started started to shut down and her platelet count dropped from 150,000 to 19,000. I rushed her to the emergency vet where they gave her a 10% chance of survival. We did gave her meds and a few blood transfusions and after a few days she came home!

We were lucky. She was able to spend almost 5 more years with us. She was there when I bought my own house, when I found the love of my life, and when we adopted Tank (our other fur baby). In the spring of 2016, Lola had her first seizure. We found ourselves back at the emergency vet. They weren’t sure what was causing it, but thought that it was probably a brain tumor. At 10 years old, my baby was losing a battle that she couldn’t win. They sent us home with anti-seizure meds which helped her through the rest of the spring and summer. In the fall, the seizures were becoming more frequent and she had lost her appetite and control of her body. It was time. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but it was one that brought her peace. We spent one last day with her taking pictures and surrounded by the people she loved. On October 15, 2016, we gave Lola the peace she deserved. She is forever in our hearts and no longer suffering. IMG_1424

One thought on “Feeling the loss…

  1. I cried when I read this. I miss her still. I’m happy for you and life you have ahead of you. You deserve it! Peace and love. Jim.


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