Holy Grail of Deodorant…

Let’s get real. People sweat. People stink. I am people!! Another AMAZING side effect of post-pregnancy hormones is extra stink. Prior to pregnancy, I wasn’t super stinky and didn’t really care about the deodorant I was using. Anything that was cheap and easily available was what I used. When I got pregnant, I started paying more attention to the ingredients that were in my deodorant products. I moved to what I perceive to be a healthier (for me and baby) deodorant option (i.e. Native). I loved Native deodorant while I was pregnant, but it just wasn’t cutting it with the post-partum hormones.

Enter my holy grail of deodorants–Beautycounter’s Clean Deo. I was really skeptical that this product was going to be any better than the Native deodorant that I was using. How can one clean deodorant be substantially better than any other clean deodorant? Well, let me tell you…it can! There are three main aspects of this deodorant: aluminum-free, sustainable, and IT WORKS!!

Quick lesson about antiperspirants vs. deodorant: Deodorants (like The Clean Deo) work to neutralize odors, whereas antiperspirants are typically made with aluminum, which works to stop odor by plugging sweat glands and preventing sweating (from Beautycounter.com). As gross as it sounds, you need to sweat! This deodorant really, really works! I put it on in the morning and can go all day smelling like coconuts. It holds up through a workout, through running around after my daughter, etc. The best part about this deodorant, other than the fact that it leaves me smelling fresh, is that it is refillable. The product outer shell can continue to be used with the dispenser can be recycled. Ingenious! It comes in three different scents: coconut, lilac, and rose. I have only tried the coconut (because…who doesn’t want to smell like a beach vacation!), but have heard nothing but excellent things about the other two scents.

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